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  Augsburg Fortress
  ELCA Congregation Lookup System

  ELCA Publications

 Gather Magazine , developed by the Women of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America and published by Augsburg Fortress.
 The Lutheran   The Lutheran is the largest Protestant denominational magazine in the United States, with a circulation of nearly 800,000, and the largest Lutheran publication in the world.

  ELCA Schools and Higher Education

Lutheran Colleges and Universities

  Other Sites of Interest to Lutherans

  Bible Gateway
Bible Tutor (Luther Seminary). This program offers you the opportunity to strengthen your basic knowledge of the Bible's structure and content. There are many ways it can be used. It was originally designed to assist Luther's Students prepare for their Bible Proficiency Exams. However, Luther Seminary makes it available to all through the World Wide Web as a learning aid for better understanding the Christian Scriptures.
  Chronological Bible Reading  In several languages
  Dietrich Bonhoeffer - German Lutheran Pastor and theologian, who was executed by the Nazis for being part of the resistance against Hitler
  Hymns & Hymnals - Hymns found in hymnals currently used by Lutherans in North America and Germany.
  Lafayette Urban Ministry WWW home page. The Lafayette Urban Ministry is the Church in service to others. Forty-six congregations from 20 different faith traditions work together to bring compassion and justice to Lafayette's needy children and families.
  Lift Up Your Hearts - The Worship and Spirituality site of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada
  Lutheran Church-Canada 
  Lutheran Men in Mission
  Lutheran World Relief - The international, inter-Lutheran relief agency
  Luther's 95 Theses

  Martin Luther I - Timeline of Martin Luther's life, history of life events, and people in his life.
  Oremus Bible Browser
  Project Wittenberg is home to works by and about Martin Luther and other Lutherans. Texts from short quotations to commentaries, hymns to statements of faith, theological treatises to biographies, and links to other places where words and images from the history of Lutheranism live.
  Thrivent Financial

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